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UonMap is a global monitoring solution. It includes services which allow you to take care of your dear ones, monitor vehicles, protect your property and control home appliances. Sign up on our website and you will get access to all services in your Personal Account online. You can customize your account choosing the services which are necessary for you personally. Join us and make your life easier, brighter, better!
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The one and only device equipped with all the necessary features for using UonMap services. UON can be used as a tracker and a vehicle dashboard camera. It connects to OBD-II scanner and provides the information about your vehicle condition in real time.

UON is a core device for all smart sensors and for a remote video surveillance at your Smart Home. You can monitor remotely with cameras what’s going on in your house or office from your personal account.

Moreover, the phone is equipped with an SOS button and a fall sensor, so it can be usefull for you and your relatives in case of an emergency.

UON is modular, so you can choose the features which are necessary for you.